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Green Or Brown
Watch out for the broken glass
It’s scattered down the hall
I guess we took a fall
Was it a hit or a miss?
Seems like they combed the place
And what they couldn’t take
Looks like they tried to break
What kind of life is this?

It’s just the cost of doin’ business
But nobody’s dead
And it’s just the ink that’s red

Green or brown
There’s no finer marijuana in this end of town
Green or brown
And there’s only us and this perfect night,
as the sun goes sinking down

Joe Friday’s up the street
He’s been there every day
Watching my doorway
With a long black lens
In his black sedan
Who’s he think he’s gonna fool?
We’ll play it cool ‘til his eight hour shift finally ends

Jesse hasn’t left
But she’s made it clear
She won’t be sleepin here
In this place from now on
And I know I ain’t no prince
To live with on some days
I better change my ways
Before that girl is gone