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The Devil in My Ear

Thereís a pay phone in the hall
Just like there is on every floor
I hear it ringing through the wall
Then thereís a banging on my door

Somebody yells the callís for me
And I set down this glass of gin
Iíve got a feeling ó Yes siree
Troubleís calling me again

Sheís pouring honey in my ear
Sweet little lies I love to hear
Iím gonna do things Iíll regret
Gonna give more than I get
And watch my money disappear

My common sense should interfere
But sheís sounding so sincere
Iíll forget whatís right from wrong
When I hear that sirenís song
From the devil in my ear

I check just how much cash Iíve got
To see how much Iím gonna lose
I know itís all gonna get shot
On shootiní dice and shots of booze

Why canít I learn from my mistakes
Iím so sure that I want to
Not when theyíre so much fun to make
And Iíve so many left to do