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Western Independent Recordings
WIR 0105
1. (Ainít I a) Handsome Fool?  
2. This Record Sucks  
3. My Old Address Book  
4. Bad Boy    
5. Is This Gonna Hurt?  
6. The Devil in My Ear    
7. 3:30 in the Afternoon      
8. Lucky Tonight
9. The Same    
10. Color Me Gone  
11. Fire on the Mountain  
12. Cryn' Over You      
13. Orange Jumpsuit    
14. Wash Your Hands  
15. Workin'    
On this debut release, Jenn Courtney displays her full repertoire of emotional punches. Alone or sparring in duets with songwriter Maurice Tani, she's alternately strong, vulnerable, sexy and funny. Her full and sensual vocals break hearts she'll never meet, and will be forever associated with the words 'restraining order'.

SIRENS, features 13 original tracks from Tani, tailored specifically for Courtney's vivid persona,and comes with a 12 page booklet with lyrics and photos. Features appearances from friends Dave Gleason (Dave Gleason's Wasted Days) on his B-bender Telecaster, Katie Guthorn & Kathy Kennedy (Elvin Bishop, Bonnie Raitt) on backing vocals, David Phillips (Tom Waits, Johnny Paycheck, Charlie Hunter) on steel guitars, Jim Pugh (Robert Cray, Chris Isaak) on piano and organ, Trey Sabatelli (Tubes, Todd Rundgren) on drums

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Western Independent Recordings
WIR 0103
1. Calamity & Main  
2. Daddy Drank his Vodka  
3. Doin' My Part  
4. Empty Whiskey Bottles    
5. Evidently  
6. Fallin'    
7. Flat Black  
8. Honky Tonk Heaven  
9. Judge & Jury    
10. She Don't Care  
11. Silver  
12. There Stands the Glass      
13. Twisted      
14. What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round?    
Calamity & Main was the precursor to 77 El Deora, and was based around the songs of Maurice Tani and "Misisipi" Mike Wolf with "Goat Piss Willie" Hendricks on bass and vocals and Christopher Fisher on drums. The 4 piece band featured bright 3 part harmony and a bashy, guitar-driven, testosterone fueled, Bakersfield style. These are the roots of 77 El Deora and if you have seen the band live you will recognize many of these songs still living in the repertoire

HONKY TONK HEAVEN, features 12 original songs from Tani and Wolf, plus a raucous version of the classic There Stands the Glass and the unexpected take on the Monkees gem, "What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round?". Features appearances from friends Scott Hay and David Phillips on steel guitars, Jim Pugh on piano and organ, and Scott Young (Red Meat) on fiddle.

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