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Ainít I a Handsome Fool

Sheís goiní nowhere tonight
But I tell you thatís alright
She turns heads just sittiní here
So Iíll have me another beer

Yeah, I know she ainít right for me
All my friends can clearly see
That Iíd be better off if my taste ran more sensibly

Iím not sensible
And not reliable
Or economical
I might have a few quirks but Iím worth a little work

Iím not practical
And not dependable
And Iím stranded at the junction of form and function
Tuniní the dial between comfort and style
I canít afford the fuel but she makes me look cool
Ainít I a handsome fool

The steak is on the grill
Sheís my new purple pill
She slow in the curves
But sheís fast just sittiní still

Sheís built for comfort, I concede
But tonight sheís dressed for speed
Iím a sucker for style
And sheís got style by the mile

But it takes a lot of cash
To move all that style and class
Two tons and twenty feet of chrome and glass