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Outside Sedona
‘Neath the summertime moonlight
I saw Javalina
With her heavenly dark eyes

She came out of the shadows
Down by the creek side
Out in the canyon
Where the desperados hide

I still long for your sweet desert song

I watched from a distance
As she wandered the hillside
Then I followed along
For hours that night

I thought I had lost her
When I came across her
Alone in a clearing
Javalina and I

I froze in my footsteps when we saw each other
I thought she might run but she stayed
I looked in her eyes but her eyes looked right through me
She sang me this strange serenade…

She sang “This world is illusion
A vision I dream
It’s fragile and restless
And not what it seems”

“Each night I conjure
This desert in dreams
I fly through the canyons
And swim through the streams”

“Tonight I have dreamt you to be my companion
To see through your eyes as we roam
We’ll wander the desert –the hills and the canyons
The dreamscape that shall be your home”


Tonight there is thunder
O’er the plains of the desert
The clouds crack with lightning
And rain fills the sky

Javalina is dreaming
And watching and smiling
I close my eyes
And wave her good-bye