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Lucky Tonight

There's a pretty little pistol
with a pearl white handle
With your letters -
in the bottom of my purse

And that pretty little pistol
could do a lot of damage
But the letters -
would prob'ly do you worse

You don't know how close you are
to never walkin' out that door
Then somehow you get lucky again÷.

But then you hold me -Oh yeah
And then you kiss me -Oh yeah
And then you squeeze me -Oh yeah

I know that I should fight it
but it feels so right it
looks like you're gettin'
lucky tonight


That gold plated lighter
engraved with our initials
You said symbolized -
our flame of love

Well that gold plated lighter's
gonna keep that fire burning
Along with everything
you're part of

All your thieving and your lying
all my heartbreak and my crying
All add up to the end for you



That exquisite little bottle
of perfume that you gave me
So expensive that it was obscene

That exquisite little bottle
poured on that pile of letters
So much sweeter than the
smell of gasoline

As I watch you in the light
of the flames that ignite
I remember the way that you÷