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(Heís Lookiní Cute in That) Orange Jumpsuit

Why, oh why am I attracted to this guy
They warned me that heís trouble and heíll only make me cry
But my, oh my, he got to me by-and-by
But gettingí by the law, -well, I guess heís not that sly

Heís looking cute óin that orange jumpsuit
Heís been a vision in prison
Since they caught him with that loot
Heís lookiní cute óin that orange jumpsuit
But I have nothing to wear that isnít blue

I was charmed óbut he was armed
He lands in jail óI throw his bail
The judge says ìSon, your fun is done.
Youíre lookiní at a century in the penitentiaryî

9 long years ótill he comes up for review
3000 lonely nights ówhat am I síposed to do?
All my tears óall the hurtiní Iíve been through
I should be runniní for the door but one thing still rings true