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This Record Sucks

So I'm just sitting at the bar.
Minding my own business.
Enjoying a little peace and quiet,
when I hear a couple of quarters
rattle their way down the coin slot
of the juke behind me.
-Two buttons pressed.
A couple of clicks.
The needle hits the groove and I think to myself..


Oh! I love this tune
Though I haven't heard it in a
blue moon
It used to be our special song
When our lovin' was so strong
It started out so right. Yeah!
How could it go so wrong?

Now they're comin' back to me
The reasons why we couldn't be
The weekly fights
we fought each day
The silent nights
and that divorcee
And this stupid song
behind it all
Man! This record sucks!

Man! This record sucks.
What did I ever see in you?
This song just makes me think
Of all you put me through
This record sucks.
This record sucks.
This record sucks.



Now that tune's stuck in my head
Just when I thought that our
love was dead
Out of mind and out of view
This song was done and
we were through
Hey, I'm so over it. Yeah!
Why aren't I over you?


©2004 Tanitone Tunage